What's New - April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013

After more than three years on the internet, we have made a number of changes to the website’s format and you will find some 2,000 new team pictures and other images gathered from sources all over northern and central California. It is important for viewers to know that teams from larger cities, such as San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento, are listed separately in the index, while teams from smaller cities and towns are grouped together.  With that, you will be able to locate 1000 teams.  All of the images in each album are shown in chronological order so the viewer can follow the history of baseball in each community.  This website covers the history of semi-pro, non-pro and amateur baseball for more than 100 years starting with the late 1870s. We have also provided an extensive souvenir program section, a baseball medley section presenting a variety of interesting aspects of the great American pastime as well as special tributes. You can click on viewing tips on the menu bar at top of our home page for assistance in navigating. A not-for-profit undertaking, the website is still a work in progress after more than four years of travelling the back roads to forgotten fields from the Oregon border to as far south as Kern County. We truly appreciate all of the contributions of memorabilia made by hundreds of individuals and historical societies (see Contributors section). Please let us know if you have memorabilia to share.   We hope you enjoy the show and would welcome your thoughts by sending an e-mail to goodoldsandlotdays.com.  Starting in May we will feature “teams of the week” under What’s New. Thank you for your interest.

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