Alhambra Theater

Theater was built in 1920's and located at the corner of J Street and Alhambra Boulevard in downtown Sacramento, and was one of the first theaters in the United States to have "talkie movies". It went dark in the late 1960's, and despite efforts to preserve the landmark building, it was was razed a few years later. A Safeway store is on the site today.


Alhambra Theater
Area: Sacramento
Year: 1928

Description: See caption below picture for details.

Back Row (left to right): Sid Boardman, Fir Galli, Hank Ness, Clarence Cox, Bill Davis, Carl Pappa, Del Kazar

Front row (left to right): Phil McGee, Bill Himes, Mel Marques, Will Guble, Charlie Steinbacher, Bennie Ogar

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