The Carmichael Fire District was officially organized as a Volunteer force in 1942 with Mr. Donovan becoming Fire Chief. Once the original facilities were vacated, it became the first dedicated fire facility to house the growing cache of apparatus and equipment. The old restaurant became future living quarters, with the dining room becoming a dorm with six beds. It was now officially known as Fire Station 1.

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Carmichael Fire Department
Area: Sacramento (Carmichael)
Year: circa 1940

Back row (left to right): Elmer Enos, Wayne Hanson, Izzy Smith, Sonny Davey, Dan Donovan, Glen Dufour, Unidentified, Art Quadros

Front row (left to right): Jack Andervich, Mars Dutra, Tommy Torchia, Bill Rico, Alan Zusts, Sonny Enos, Silva

Bat boys: Unidentified, Bill Ryder