Chester N. Weaver Co.

Chester Neal Weaver owned a Studebaker dealership with his main location at 1355 Van Ness Avenue at corner Bush street in San Francisco in the 1920s (GRaystone 8000).  In 1935 he opened a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership and later Packard dealership (side by side) on Broadway in downtown Oakland, while at the same time sponsoring a semi-pro team.


Chester N. Weaver Co.
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1927

Description: This photograph is on file at the San Francisco Public Library. It is dated Feb 7, 1927. The location is on the corner of Mission and 24th St. in San Francisco. This was a satellite dealer location of Chester Weaver Studebaker. The location is posted on the telephone pole street sign. He had dealerships in Oakland, San Jose, Stockton and Fresno and more. Chester Weaver is the man standing in the middle.

The Roadster shows a custom two-tone paint job that was not available from the factory until later in 1927. The car on the right is a 1927 Commander four door sedan. The car behind it is also a 1927. Chester Weaver’s main dealership location was at 1355 Van Ness Blvd in SF. He later moved to a larger building at the corner of Bush and Van Ness – just a few blocks down Van Ness. Ellis Brooks moved into the Bush and Van Ness location after Studebaker vacated the building. According to Mrs. Ellis Brooks, they threw out all the Studebaker stuff left behind when they took over the building.

- Diane Glew ~ The Old Motor

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