Don Gilmore Chevrolet

Don Gilmore Chevrolet was located at 590 Van Ness Ave. UNderhill 1-1026 in San Francisco. Dealership sponsored team from 1950 to 1954. Successor team to Don Gilmore Chevrolet was Ellis Brooks Chevrolet which started in 1955.


Don Gilmore Chevrolet
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1950-51 (winter league)

Description: See caption below picture for details.
Ref: 19th Annual Nealon Benefit Games: Seals Stadium Program: 1951

Double A Recreation American League Champions: 1950-51

Back row (left to right): Vince Caramagno, Lou Liberati, Ray Cheso, Frank Zari, Dick Kalar, Jay Durmanich

Front row (left to right): Alex Maffei, CeCe Calhoun, Vince Zuardo (mgr.), Sal DeSanti, Jim Dougherty, Bill Ferroggairo

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