Hamilton House

A rather unique history surrounds the Hamilton House of Fairfax team in that all the players were from San Francisco. Owner Dick Hamilton sponsored the team from late 1940's through 1952 while also owning a restaurant in San Francisco.  Hamilton House was a fine restaurant with banquet facilities.  There was no baseball diamond in Fairfax so the team travelled to play all of its games.  The group of players, graduates of Mission High School from the Noe Valley area, stayed together after high school in 1939, and were sponsored by Nangano Drayage, a trucking outfit.  In 1941 and part of 1942 before most of the players entered the military as war had broken out, the group was sponsored by Muff's Tavern on 24th Street at Noe.  When the players returned from the war in 1946, they were sponsored by Cork and Bottle which had taken over Muff's Tavern.  Hamilton House agreed to sponsor the team in 1948 and played its last season in 1952, after which the group joined team of Joe's Club at 6th and Valencia Street.


Hamilton House
Area: Marin (Fairfax)
Year: 1948

Back row (left to right | staggered): Billy Smith (asst. mgr), Jack Burke (p), Dick Hamilton (owner/sponsor), Jack Connell (p), Jack Flynn (2b), Walt Hjort (p), Al Giovannetti (cf),
Jimmy Smith (c, mgr), Don Beck (c)

Front row (left to right): Frank Ahern (lf), Bud Beck (1b), Frank "Buxy" Mullins (ss), Dave Ahern (rf), Harry Aleo (3b)

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