Hustead's Towing

Hustead's, owned by "Shoe" Hustead, was located at 2001 Addison Avenue in Berkeley (tele: Berkeley 4653) and did auto painting, body and fender work.


Hustead's Towing
Area: Alameda (Berkeley)
Year: 1965

Description: Picture was taken at Lincoln Park in Alameda.

Back row (left to right): Oscar Matthews (1b-of), Heron McDaniel (2b), James Aikens (rf), James Langford (cf), Lionel Beaman (c), Jim Englehart (p), Joe Dorsey (p), Ed Kelly (utl), J.J. Quinn (ss), William “Tat” Mays (mgr.)

Front row (left to right): Will Calvin (p), Carlito Gordon (2b), Alexander (utl), Willie Reed (utl), Lou Profumo (p), Art Blunt (of)

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