Jeffersons was the oldest team in northern California for many years, finishing a 50-year run in 1966. The name Jeffersons has been attributed to fact the young players were organized in 1915 by player-manager-sponsor Tony Marvier and played pick up games at Jefferson Square Park located between Gough and Laguna Street, Golden Gate and Eddy Street in what is now called the Western Addition. However, it should be pointed out that it was not until the following season that the team had uniforms thanks to owners of the old Jefferson Hotel, 440 Eddy Street.  News articles describing the team’s history vary in terms of the starting date being 1915 vs. 1916. Jeffersons were a traveling team and scheduled games in country towns throughout northern California at a time when roads and not highways were the main route. It is also notable that the Jeffersons probably played against more military teams over its history than any other traveling team from San Francisco or elsewhere. Please see page in this album which shows such history.

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Area: San Francisco
Year: 1923