Johnson's Tamale Grotto

Team was sponsored by Johnson’s Tamale Grotto at (formerly Vicente at 24th Avenue, Sunset District). Tamales were a big deal in The City, WAY before the Tamale Lady and her garbage bag full of delicious masa treats made the bar scene in the Mission. I mean, “Tuesday was Red’s Tamale Day”, fercryinoutloud! The Hot House at Playland was the favorite of many Locals (including my wife’s family). But we were a Johnson’s Tamale Grotto family. They had the original 20th and Mission location and one in Westlake.  But from the Sunset District location, we had Johnson’s deliver their deliciously sauced beans and rice (in the round ice-cream containers), enchiladas and cup tamales (made in coffee cups, if I remember correctly?), all wrapped in newspaper and tied with butcher string, to our front door. The sauce? Who knows what they put in it, but it was pure Mexican gravy magic.

Excerpt from: 10 San Francisco Restaurants That Should Have Never Been Closed
Author: dc1517


Johnson's Tamales
San Francisco
Year: 1958

Back row (left to right, staggered): far left is Bob Brophy

Middle row (left to right, staggered): unidentified, Freddie Wilson, unidentified, Gil Quinones.

Front row (left to right): unidentified batboys/mascot

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