Kelley's Feed & Fuel


Kelley's Feed & Fuel
Area: Sacramento
Year: 1954

Description: Kelley's - through the years.
1950 - Champions of Summer Baseball League
1951 - Second Place Unlimited Division. Summer Baseball.
1951-1952 - First Place Winter League American 'A' Division

Picture was taken at Folsom Prison.

Back row (left to right): Frank Thompson, Pepper Edson, Walt Fitzpatrick, Bob Shoemaker, Paul Piper

Middle row (left to right): Tino Marques, Don Peterson, Bob Puccinelli, Larry Ringle, Aubern (coach)

Front row (left to right): Don Clark, Neal Ellington, Dino Poppendopolus, Larry Kelly, Gene Snyder, Jim Knight

Missing: Jimmy Long and John Blackwell.

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