Lovier Appliance Co.

Lovier Appliance store was located at 3131 East 14th St. in Oakland.


Lovier Appliance Co.
Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1937

Back row (left to right): Jim Hicks (of), C. Hustead (of), Jay Ryan (of), Bill Rigney* (inf), Dave Kyle (mgr.), Cecil Kyle (of), Gene Kersten (p)

Front row (left to right): Caeser Sinibaldi (c), Fritz Barker (inf), Lou Tognolini (inf), Bud Lindsten (p), Frank Smith (1b)

*Bill Rigney played for 26 seasons in major leagues as infielder and later managed major league teams for 18 years, including New York/San Francisco Giants (1956-1960;1976)

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