Naval Supply Depot


Naval Supply Depot Oaks
Area: Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1944

Description:Ref: 12th Annual Naval District Invitational Baseball Championship program:

Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral A.H. Mayo
Welfare & Recreation Officer: Lieut. C.C. Courtright
Manager and coach: Harry Himelfarb

This team is the enigma of the tournament.  The Oaks have looked like champions on Saturday and bushers on Sunday.  Replacements since the Navy league schedule ended should improve their chances. If the reported transfer of Barney Olsen, ex-Cub Angel, takes place before the tournament starts, the Supply Depot team may be tough. Other professionals are Jones, International League; Arbon, a chucker from the Kitty League; Askew, Pioneer League; and O'Rourke and Bishop who saw service with the Seattle Rainiers.

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