Oakland Elks Lodge


Oakland Elks Lodge vs. Alameda Elks Lodge
Area: Alameda (Oakland)
Year: 1927 (Aug. 23)

Description: Win or lose, the average amateur and semi-pro ballplayer feels that he put in a good day as long as he collects a hit or more and had a good day in the field, Also some of the players who are hard working men during the week get a lot of fun out of Sunday baseball. A few local amateur and semi-pro players are pictured above. Left to right are PETE STARASINICH, who tried a comeback on the mound with the Oaks Elks and made a good showing although Alameda Lodge beat him; PAT HEALY, second sacker for the Chris Nelson team, and Outfielder AXLEY, who plays wit the Piggly Wiggly team.

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