Parkside Feds and Giants

Parkside Giants and Parkside Federals competed on McCoppin Playground at 22nd and Taraval Streets.  Charley Muller was manager of Parkside Giants and a butcher by trade, Al Du Frane was manager of the Parkside Federals, later involved with youth baseball in San Carlos (mid-fifties). There were many days when the fog was so thick it would create such wet conditions around the home plate area that Charley would bring sawdust from the shop to spread, then sprinkle it with gasoline and let it burn for about one half hour to dry out the ground. Now ready to play ball! That was then and this is now - makes you wonder what techniques could be used today to accomplish the same mission.

The Giants and Federals started playing pickup games on the weekends in 1931-32 and continued through the mid-fifties. Neither team ever had uniforms or sponsors as each player put in 25 cents per game and the manager passed the hat among spectators to help support the operation. These were the good old days.


Title: Four Parkside Lads Sparkle on Diamond
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1937

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