Rossi Olive Oil

A Day at San Quentin:

"In 1931, a 17-year old boy Joe DiMaggio came in to play for the Rossi Olive Oil team in game against the San Quentin All-Stars. With the score tied at 4-4, the game was stopped when the inmates threw stuff out the windows and the Warden called dinner time." - story told by San Francisco old-timer


Rossi Olive Oil
San Francisco
Year: 1932

Description: Photo taken at Funston Field in front of "Old People's Home" on Laguna and Bay.

Click on the link to read an excerpt from Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life.

Back row (left to right): Andy Banchero, unidentified, Frankie Crosetti, Dom DiMaggio, Joe DiMaggio, unidentified, Vince Marino

Front row
(left to right): unidentified, Fred "Dutch" Deir, Charlie "Harpo" Hansen, Frank Venezia, unidentified

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