Ruptured Ducks

Players for Ruptured Ducks did not have a team uniform as picture portrays, but that changed in 1947 when they were sponsored by Gray's Tavern. Players on team were all World War II Veterans.

Derivation of team name probably comes from a service pin worn by World War II veterans, a lapel device nicknamed the "ruptured duck," which allowed wearers to show without conversation that they had served. See image below.

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Ruptured Ducks
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1947

Back row (left to right): unidentified, Vince Centanni, Rich Fraschieri, Bob Cole, Larry Shaughnessy, Bob Lavezzo, Al Fraschieri, unidentified (coach)

Front row (left to right): John Guiney, Larry Fraschieri, Ed Dunne

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