San Bruno Newells

Team sponsor Dan Newell owned cocktail lounge in downtown San Bruno at corner of Sylvan Ave. and San Mateo Ave. It still operates with same name, but  under different ownership at 497 San Mateo Ave.

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San Bruno Newells
: San Mateo (San Bruno)
Year: 1944-45 (winter league)

Back row (staggered | left to right): William C. Brown, unidentified, Curt Schmidt (3b), Jack Flanagan (1b), unidentified, Bill Miller (2b), Sterling Hammack (mgr.), Norm Wilkin (cf), unidentified, Joe Gaddini (coach), Dan Newell (sponsor)

Front row (left to right): Billy Brown (rf), Al Belletto (ss), Cookie Pera (p), Bert Butler (rf), Bud English (c), Sam Gomez (1f)

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