San Francisco Giants

Long before the arrival of San Francisco Giants in 1958, there was a semi-pro team called the San Francisco Giants that played in 1934. The team's story is described below.

"A long, long time ago in a city called San Francisco, there was this team called the San Francisco Giants. This is what they were  called. The year was 1934….Wait,..1934?"*

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In 1934, John W. Bussey and Henry Williams would sponsor a African American baseball team called the San Francisco Giants. I find this interesting because these San Francisco Giants were not a part of the Berkeley Colored League. They played predominantly in San Francisco as an Independent semi-professional team, that scheduled games with teams all over San Francisco and East Bay Area, most of them being Caucasian. It is said that Byron “Speed” O’Reilly and James W. Bussey had a standing rivalry, who’s Acorn and Alpha Phi Alpha club teams faced off many, many times–in the name of fun, and the loser would be responsible for supplying the winning team with a sumptuous feast with all the trimmings.


Title: San Pablo beats the tar out of Colored Giants last Sunday
Area: Contra Costa (San Pablo)
Year: 1930
Team: San Pablo, Colored Giants

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