Smiling Jack

Jack Andrade (Smiling Jack) owned car dealership at 810 Van Ness Avenue, GRaystone 4-7377 in San Francisco.


Smiling Jack
Area: San Francisco
Year: 1949-50 (winter league)

Description: Picture was taken at San Quentin prison

Back row (left to right / staggered): Six unidentified prison officials or fans from far left to far right. Players: unidentified, Julio Rodriguez, Al Chiarucci, Lou Puccinelli,
Larry “Babe” Scafani (mgr.)

Front row (left to right): unidentified, Angelo Gondolfo, Vince Tufo, Rich DeMartini, unidentified, unidentified

Missing: Harry Shank, Bob Domergue, Couglan, Dundas, Alvarado, Dese (cf)