Latin American Club

Latin American Club is a fraternal organization that sponsored  baseball team from 1955-1987. California-Mexican (Cal-Mex) League was formed in 1953 at a time when Mexican-American players were not necessarily welcomed by predominantly white teams in the area. Among the league’s rules was that the majority of players in lineup had to be of Mexican heritage. The league is still operating in 2013.


Stockton Latin American Club
Area: Stockton
Year: 1959

Description: Stockton club won the California-Mexican League championship in 1959.

Back row (left to right): Gene Nelson, Roy Guerrero, Ben Nicklas, unidentified, Don Stevens, Terry Epperson, Larry Burgess

Front row (left to right): John A. Cardona (athletic director), Joe Cortez, Alfred Del Prato, Ben Guerrero, Manuel Juarez, John Alverez, Bill Stevens (mgr.)

Batboy: unidentified

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