Sponsored by the Mendocino State Hospital, the Talmage Sluggers team was formed in the early 1930's and ended play in the early 1960's.

Jerry Phillips, semi-pro player from Mendocino County describes the ball park at Mendocino State Hospital (see pictures below):

"The ball park at the State Hospital in Talmage was spectacular, with manicured grounds and spotless. A lot of the grounds keeping was done by patients.  The patients who were allowed to attend the ball games were very enthusiastic, rooting at will for either team. The Talmage team drew quite well for the period, locals loved to go to the ball park, the patients often put on quite a show of their own. The ballpark and the manager were enough enticement to lure the better ballplayers from the area to call the Talmage Sluggers their team.  It was a pleasure to attend and play as visitors at Talmage.  The Talmage Sluggers were the team to beat during the late forties and early fifties in the Ukiah area."

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Talmage Tigers
Area: Mendocino (Talmage)
Year: 1915

Back row (left to right): 4th from left is Mike Ruby, 8th from left is Frank Caughey

Contributor: Mendocino County Historical Society